The benefits of a motivational speaker are plentiful – for both a businessand its employees.

Having someone in your corner to lift you up is invaluable. Sometimes hearing something as simple as “you can do this!” is all that it takes to reach your biggest goals. The same thing applies in the workspace. Whether you’re starting a new project, aligning a new team or reshaping work habits, a motivational speaker can inspire a number of positive changes within your organization through simple-to-use strategies that empower performance and delivers results.

Janicka specializes in keynote speaking engagements for groups and businesses of all sizes. Through targeted, personalized speeches, she informs, educates, energizes and inspires audiences around the world.

While each and every speaking engagement is uniquely tailored to her audience, Janicka is known for several popular topics.

The Transition:
The Leap from Corporate to “Unemployed”

You’re Hired:
Entrepreneurship from Ground Zero

Join the Movement:
Creative Business 101

Women-Owned Business

Women in

in Change

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